Energy Exchange~

I have come to learn a new meaning for “trade” as most have called it for centuries. This we have known to always be for trade of an item, work or favors and so on. Then we have an “exchange” for which is generally considered an “even”  exchange. One of the same value for which you are “exchanging” or “trading”.

Here is something new to think about, that many have not heard of and is quite different from the others. An “Energy Exchange” is  a meaningful exchange given at time of a service or a teaching (etc.) The amount isn’t exactly equal or less of the value. It is more of a heartfelt value of what you feel it is worth. A show of gratitude for the persons time spent. For example, bringing food to a gathering, giving a candle to a healer or making a handmade gift for a teacher. The beauty of this kind of exchange is that it is given and received in love and gratitude. Both parties are happy with the outcome.

What a gift it would be to see this type of exchange in many other parts of life. I know that it will not pay for college but it sure would help family, friends and even acquaintances get by. This kindness could make a lot of difference in the world if we could accept that “money” isn’t everything and that we can get by on some love and gratitude.



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