Where My “Heart” Is~

When we say for example, Home is where my heart is. What does that mean exactly? Is this the place where you find love, where you hold all that is dear to you?

 Isn’t there a song about My Heart is in Texas? I think So? His heart is in Texas because he loves Texas or because he loves someone or something  in Texas.

How about those who say “He has my Heart” or “She has my Heart” 

All such wonderful ways to describe what I call “LOVE” In all of these places. We hold dear within our Hearts.

We may seem scattered if we were to try and explain all the places our Heart can be found. Some may say we are crazy to think that someone can claim to have our heart, or our heart is in another state. Those who do not understand the true meaning and power of LOVE ♥

Our hearts hold “keys” to everything in our lives. A place where we go for peace and tranquility. Our sacred place no one completely knows but ourselves. 

My “HEART” travels from place to place visiting what I love, this keeps my life full of promise and knowing of gratitude.

May you find where your Heart is and hold it deep within to treasure Always ♥

Fulfilled Heart