Get to know Me~

My name is Tonya, I am married to my Twin Soul ♥ He is my everything and I am his, Equally Soul.

My children are grown and they are wonderful young adults ♥ I am very blessed with 3 grandchildren as well. What an amazing feeling to hear the words Grandma fall like music from their precious lil lips♥

I am grateful each day for every moment. For each day is a learning experience and we are all students. Learning from each other about ourselves. Our families being our number one teachers that have spent many a life time with us for one purpose or reason that we may not know right away. As I grow I teach, by giving lessons from experiences. As we all do along our own journey.

Just this last year I have truly awakened to my spiritual side. This part of me has always been there but my free will and other parts of my path had not yet let my light shine. Enough about the past 😉 It is Done!

 I LOVE to “create”

If something interests me, I want to try it!!

My moods will switch to Crochet to Quilting to Sewing

These seem seasonal to me though 😉

I am yet to try water color, though I want to.

There is something about adding color to my drawings that I can’t quite figure out…but… if it is fear.. I AM WORKING ON RELEASING IT ♥

Three Main Passions that I have are:


Always will I create in this way.

Anyone that loves creativity knows their passions but will dabble in all kinds of interests. When we are within our creative self, we are in a meditative state, creating from within our God self. This is our light that shines, the “creator” part of us!!

One last thing (for now) and is not the least…

My Purpose in life is to share love and light!

I AM~ a Healer~ Reiki 2 Practitioner~ A channel for the source to help heal Body, Mind and Spirit ♥ Starting with myself and then one by one spreading light and love throughout the Universe. As I practice then shall I become a Master…When I am ready! Until then I will continue my light work by sharing it with you♥

54 thoughts on “Get to know Me~

    1. I want to thank You a ton for nominating me and giving me the opportunity to do so for others….what a beautiful way to pass around peace and gratitude to others that we share this space with in our community. 😉

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. Nice to meet you, thanks for sharing your life and passion with others. I loved reading about you. May you receive many many new blessings !

    1. This is my will and my purpose to spread light and love to all of whom I can.. this gives me such gratitude and peace…
      May you always know that you have the same light within you and that you are the miracle~
      I am grateful for our paths to have crossed as well…Namaste

  2. Tonya, I do not know quite what to say at this moment. You awarded me today, not quite knowing how this works. In short, I am stunned. To be recognized out of so many bloggers, blows me away. My Heart is touched. I do not know how to even display this award on my blog, so if you could give me some tips, I would be so grateful. My work I am passionate about and it is all about touching Hearts. Bringing Love and Truth into the world. I see you do the same.
    Thank you. I am extremely honored.
    From my Heart to your Heart,

    1. I am honored as well to find so many like souls with the same passions.
      I will say that there is a lot of copy and past to doing this.
      Leave my page open and do what is on my page by copying what I have (except for the answers to the questions)
      In order to nominate other blogs you can copy their link to your post.
      Nows your chance to Copy…LOL…
      Ohh and I downloaded the award picture and then re-uploaded 😉
      I hope this helps and remember it is ok if it’s not perfect 😉

      1. Tanya, I again thank you so much. For what you described doing, I best do it on my laptop versus this iPad. I am going to find a way to put all this on my sidebar instead of a post. That way the information won’t get lost. 🙂

        Or, I could just TRY to do all this from my iPad. One never knows what one can do until one TRIES.

        With much gratitude and JOY, Amy

        1. Beginning as we all do as knowledge becomes our friend through experience, tiptoeing into the unknown and coming out a pro ♥ We find the ways to suit our own style and create magic ♥

          You will conquer this and be great 😉
          A wonderful Sunday to you…

  3. I like this page it says so much about myself as a creator. 😉 I always wondered why I would find so many things of interest in which I can show my creativeness. I also love to write and draw as well as taking photo’s with no professional training and only my camera or ipad of course. LOL I have a eye for it though. I just need a good camera ;=) Enjoyed your About Page and I’m sure I’ll be back to visit again.


    1. I love when synchronicity shows itself in my life.
      Everyday I fall more in love with this virtual world.
      We are both very blessed and seem on a similar path…
      So nice to meet you~ ♥
      XO Tonya

  4. When we are within our creative self, we are in a meditative state, creating from within our God self. This is our light that shines, the “creator” part of us!!
    One last thing (for now) and is not the least…
    My Purpose in life is to share love and light!

    Yes, you have found your Truth. I am happy to know you and send you much love and light. hugs, pat

  5. You have plucked my heart strings with your words!! Everything you said about creativity is exactly how I think…it is as if you spoke the words that are in my mind….beautiful!! Thank you. I look forward to sharing your work…Blessitude – Lorrie

  6. Just from this post I can already see that special light around you. The fact that you are sharing it with others and here with us tells so much about you. Surround yourself with good people and you will learn something good from them. I am excited and happy that I came across your blog. I hope to feel the touch of your heartiness through your words 🙂

    1. You have touched me with your light and for this I am gratefully honored for you to have come here as well.
      I wish for you to always find peace and contentment within and love throughout…..Namaste’


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