~Feel it Flow~

As I sit …I Feel it Flow~

Typing these letters… I Feel it Flow~

I Am a Channel…I Feel it Flow~

The light streams through me…I Feel it Flow~

Vibrations.. Wrist to Hand..Ankle to Foot..I Feel It Flow~ 

Energy more intense from time to time..I Feel it Flow~

Rub and Shake.. It won’t let go… I feel it Flow~

I Am a Healer… I Feel it Flow~

I am Grateful to Feel it Flow..to feel the confirmation that I am a vessel for the source of God’s light that flows through me to you as we heal…and so it is ♥ AHO………………………….TMB ’13


2 thoughts on “~Feel it Flow~

  1. Love his post and the image you’ve used is simply sublime, very big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry

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