Not Everyone Fits..

not a match..

We have all been there, in a group or on our own. At first everything goes well and we think this will be a great friendship or maybe from the beginning we feel a weird vibe that we couldn’t explain right away. We ask ourselves if we are being jealous, mean or judge mental but the more we hang out the more we see that we just can’t click with this person. What makes it even harder is that they seem fine, oblivious to how we are feeling. It is like they can’t feel the same vibe that we do. 

As time goes by we begin to question the intentions of the friendship and why it has come to us. We even begin to feel there is no purpose to it at all, it’s not like we like this person very much but wait isn’t that mean? No it isn’t mean it is okay to not like someone because not everyone fits. We see that there are many people that like them but no matter how hard we try to find a way it doesn’t work. 

Now that we see that the relationship with this person isn’t going to work, what do we do? Earlier we asked ourselves why? what is the reason for this? These are the perfect questions to ask yourself. Why does this keep happening to me? This might be a repetitive occurrence in our lives, we keep drawing these type of relationships to us.  This means it is time for a change, a change in what we want in friendships and who we want to attract to us. This shows us that the lessons in the past we have not learnt from. Now we have to look deep within ourselves to find the root cause. 

When we focus on the things that we don’t like that is what comes to us just like the things we love do as well. When there is something in our lives that we continue to bring up and we allow it to keep control over us then it will continue to come back over and over or it will remain in our life. Accepting the person for who they are and kindly putting space between you will help the change begin. As we create this change we can start focusing on what we want and who we want to meet.  Making changes in our life by welcoming fresh positive energy is going to help us grow into our true authentic selves. Welcome those who support you and lift your spirit high, find the lesson in those who pass through and move along toward positive lasting friendships.

Love and Light,

Tonya Marie

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