Loving Heart Expressions

Here to inspire & be inspired…thru creativity, spirituality and all of life's blessings…Namaste ♥

My Photography Love~

Fall Escape

Fall Escape(c) Tonya BartonCabin GoldFulfilled Heart (c) Tonya Barton

Wolley in search of a place to rest...
Wolley in search of a place to rest…(c) Tonya Barton

(c) Tonya Barton
(c) Tonya BartonMy FollowerA Creepy Follower A Sign..(c) Tonya Barton(c) Tonya BartonBlooms Awaiting... (c) TMB

Deeply Rooted
Deeply Rooted

Our Roots run Deep
Our Roots run Deep

A Hidden Sanctuary
A Hidden Sanctuary

Covered in Sunshine
Covered in SunshineThrough it allHis Love ShinesDelightful TreatsKisses



TMBColors a Glow Circle of Lights Colorful Flow A Gift Honoring our Sun Pause IMG_0674 Sunrise Picking up the peices Breakfast


TMB 13
TMB 13Rhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.

Goldwell Open Air Museum
Goldwell Open Air Museum

Albert Szukalski, and his group of artists created the art work.
Albert Szukalski, and his group of artists created the art work.Rhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.

The Haunted Explorers
The Haunted ExplorersRhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.

The Popular Big Pink Lady..
The Popular Big Pink Lady..Rhyolite,NV.

The Wind Catcher
The Wind Catcher

The Labyrinth
The LabyrinthRhyolite,NV.

The Open Air Museum
The Open Air MuseumRhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.

The Haunted Exporers
The Haunted ExporersRhyolite,NV.Rhyolite,NV.~My Love~


2 thoughts on “My Photography Love~

  1. Hi Tanya and thanks for following me at Soul Passages Astrology. I hope you are finding some wisdom there. Your artwork and photography are both beautiful. If you ever want to do a trade sometime, let me know…a free reading in exchange for some artwork…give it some thought. In the meantime, enjoy EVERY moment. Peace, Geo

    • I am grateful for your interest and your sweet words, thank you. I will hold within your barter….

      Thank you also for your inspiring Astrology, for one like myself whom is not all familiar I gain wisdom from your post….

      Thank you for your expressions and Inspirations,
      ~Peace~ to you….

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