~Vision Board~

 For all of you that have considered making a Vision Board…..
You may be like me and not have all sorts of magazines at hand or even wall space for that matter…… BUT… Why give up on manifesting your dreams into reality…
We all want our dreams to come true and for each day to be a great day because we choose for it to be……We choose to live better… We choose to practice being positive and happy….All by choice we do this ♥
So now is where this idea I had that came to mind while I was visiting with my kindred

Creating Dreams
Creating Dreams

sister….. I was telling her about PINTEREST….

Most of us know about Pinterest…if not here is a link of mine for you to check out…
Are you excited or saying, I already thought of that, lol….
Either way… I was super excited and wanted to share!!!
I would love to see other people joining in and making their dreams and aspirations come true.. ♥
I wish that for all of you… Namaste ♥

Blogging Tips: The Sequel

Great advice for blogging! You are rock’n it suzie81 😉

Suzie Speaks

I was going to call this post ‘Empire Strikes Back‘ as it is the sequel to something that I wrote a while ago (Blogging Tips), but then realised that it made no sense whatsoever to do so.

I’ve recently been getting lots of writers who are new to blogging that are asking for tips and advice. I’ve only been doing this myself for about five months and therefore hope that you don’t feel patronised by this, but rather than writing the same thing repeatedly I thought I would add to my previous list and create a complete post that may assist others when starting out. Please note: this is not a definitive way to blog – these are just tried and tested ideas that have proven to be successful for me. As always, I’d love your comments, feedback and feel free to reblog if you feel it…

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image The light Escapes me…

Turning Pinks to grey…

The sounds of the shore never silent…

Sunsets and Moonrises….

A sanctuary calling….

Day or Night…

Escaping to the sound of the tides…..

The glow of the sun…

Shadows of the moon…

Brilliant stars for gazing….

Peace comes calling…

as the cool sand and water soothes your feet…..

Stay as long as you like…

By way of Day or Night…

May you blow home ..

Like a feather in the breeze….                                                     TMB ’13

Serenading Moonlight

Serenading Moonlight

You capture me at dusk..
I see your glow peeking over the horizon…
Watching in wonder…
Aww slips from my lips..
The sky you show the way..
Light conquers dark all around you see..
Twinkling upon the ripples of the water..
Flickers between the tree branches..
Lighting my way along the path..
Each night you grace us..
Always grateful for your presence….
For lighting our way ♥ TMB 13