Feathers & Flowers Zendoodle

The moment I learnt what a Zendoodle was I wanted to create one. 

For the love of doodling my whole life, how did I not know about these or that there was an actual name for what I had been doing all along.

These are very meditative, per the (Zen) part of the word. I can definitely agree with the concept. Maybe this is why I need a sign that says do not disturb when Zendoodling 😉

Just in case you are wanting to research these, I would suggest looking for “Zentangles”

You can find the Patterns for these all over google images. I did say patterns yes, because there is a difference between the two. A Zentangle has a pattern within squares and a Zendoodle is pretty much whatever you are feeling (hopefully positive 😉 I doodle a lot of flowers, leaves trees, etc.

 Once you research and decide what feels best for you the choices are endless either way.


Feathers & Flowers
Feathers & Flowers

6 thoughts on “Feathers & Flowers Zendoodle

  1. I love this! I actually have been trying to create my own mandala and it’s just not what I was expecting. I am going to do this–less requirement for perfection and yours came out so pretty! It is very relaxing too.

    1. Lol.. Mandals are a little more “patterned” with the whole circle thing going on 😉
      I feel that you will enjoy going with the Zendoodle and the freedom of it 😉 Get relaxed and enjoy your Doodles….. Ty for your Comment and I hope to see your Zendoodle 🙂
      I will post my first Mandala Later(I’ve only made 2)
      Have a great Sunday …

  2. I have doodled always …
    I never knew it was zen-doodling, I like that word…
    Thank you what a wonderful post…
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. I’m happy for you to have gotten something out of this ♥ Thank You…
      It brings a more peaceful meaning to our work,love,hobbies.. in a name. that which we call it.
      We love it and are Grateful for a name we can also share as we share out light with others….
      Enjoy your creativity and inspirations ♥
      All that we create is magical gift…. 😉

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