~Universal Timing~

Universal Timing

We start out fast…

Pushing limits..

Extending the clocks..

When all along…

Time remains the same…

The universe decides…

The paths we journey…

We decide the decorations…

Creating anew..

Each day through….

As the moments ..

Grow together…

The busy takes over..

Time is less noticed..

Taken for granted..

Then pushed all the more…

Forgetting ones purpose…

The light dims…

Unbalance confirming…

One’s discerning of time and place..

Journey’s from the heart space…

Not ones ego…~




5 thoughts on “~Universal Timing~

  1. I really needed to hear this, Tonya. My husband has been really giving me a hard time lately. His heart is so empty, and when he sees how much enjoyment I am getting from my blog and my photography, he morphs into a monster. If I could, I honestly would, leave. I have finally found my path, and darn, I have worked so hard to get here, but now that I am, the Green Jealousy Monster is about. I have had more piled on my day schedule because he refuses to help. In other words, he is making it as difficult as possible for me … his goal? Me walking away from my blog AND my photography.

    It’s OK to take photos, but to have others like my work, and for me to display my work? No. That’s not OK. I am SO done with this Vietnam sh*t, Tonya, I could scream. I have been in tears today. The happier I become the more morose he becomes. I honestly don’t know what to do. My HOPE is to keep going and SEE the Light at the end of the tunnel. Where he lets go of his fear of living and finally bows to Love.

    I am leaving these words at this sacred site, where I know they will go to the Light. Angels have been Called by me, and so it IS done. Love, Amy

    1. Always..Always be in your heart during those moments, send him love at every thought of his negativity. See him pure with white light surrounding him, see him filled with joy and not angry… Create the love in him that you wish to see and by doing this…”See It” within him. For when we focus on the positive, we create that and not the negative we wish not to see.
      Ask his angels and guides to go to him, to heal him while he is asleep, Archangel Raphael and Michael are wonderful for that as well.

      Just as the quotes say” do not let anyone take away your happiness”
      His soul wants to be happy but his ego is blocking him and this is why he needs all the love you can muster…but… remember to protect and ground yourself, spend your time out in nature and it would be great if he followed….
      You have the light and love within you ♥ and this is proving that you are growing in your ascension and being tested… Be strong my sister of light ♥ You are not alone ♥

      Love XO

      1. God bless you, Tonya. I know this man is my mission, or part of it, yet lately, especially the last year, it has been near impossible. The lava hot anger that destroys everything in its path and when it spews all I can do is maintain calm and do my best to reach his soul to bring him back to sanity. Last night he had me in a hold, screaming he was going to kill me. That’s how bad it gets, Tonya. He went out to see his brother play, and drank way too much, including whiskey. Shots and beer. His brother has a drinking promblem and really bad influence on my husband, who is too weak to say no. So the hang over yesterday was a nightmare, with this man turning so mean and cruel. I don’t know what it is going to take. He even has said lately, in his sane moments, “Amy, when am I ever going to learn?” Now that right there gives me hope that what I am doing is sinking in, but the moment this happens, the man turns around and does something to hurt himself to sabatoge his vulnerability and honesty. It’s as though he has this punish system in place in which he is constantly whipping himself. And of course, I become the whipping post metaphorically speaking … his tongue is acid.

        As I said, IF I could I would leave. No ands ifs or buts. But, my HS has me in conditions where I won’t leave. Taking care of all these precious animals I would never turn my back on. Deep down, there is also this extremely strong chord that will not let me give up on my husband. So I don’t.

        Thank you, Tonya, for allowing me the space to put words to a part of my life not many know about. I am very grateful as well for the words you spoke, giving me more impetus to keep my thoughts pure. Believe me, when there is a raging mad man cursing, calling me every name in the book, demanding, demeaning, shouting, … it is very difficult NOT to think “ego thougths”. Today I look to the Sun that is shining and surround myself with Light. I also call upon the AA Michael and Rahpael NOW to heal this man’s heart and mind and soul.

        I am peace today. I am Love today. I am JOY today. I am going to go outside with my camera today. I do have a doctor’s appt. (groan) but I am taking my camera with me as I go there too. I am playing today, Tonya! Love and so much gratitude, Amy

        1. Amy,
          I pray for peace in your day…
          I pray for light filling your home..
          Your heart…
          and those that are in your life…

          When you enter my thoughts…
          I shall send you love..
          for we are connected…always

          May your angels, guides and guardians..
          Keep you protected
          with their shield of love…..

          May you be filled with joy…
          and promise that life
          is beautiful…

          With you being present..
          your service
          gives you strength

          Love you are..
          Peace you are…
          Strength you are..
          Courage you are….

          Always will you be a radiant bright light shining throughout the Universe…..Love…


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