~Universal Love~

UniversalUniversal Love..




With each breathe…

of love..

Rippling throughout.. 

each dimension…

Light workers..

Sending Vibrations..

Connecting Hearts..

Filled with love..

from one to another…

Becoming the pulse..

from ground to sky..

Nature grasps..

the growing love..

As it fills the spaces..

carrying it on…

and on..

so far as love can reach..

Hearts center..

Mother Earth…

Straight up into the Divine Universe…

Flowing, ever growing..

Into…Universal Love ♥


5 thoughts on “~Universal Love~

  1. Such a beautiful poem!! I love it! It’s funny, before I started blogging I had hardly met anyone else with the same spiritual nature as me. Sure, I have met lots of Christians, but they have been so strictly Christian, if you know what I mean, those kind of people who thinks Harry Potter is a sin. I feel so blessed to have connected with all you beautiful souls, especially you Tonya, it is really special to me! This poem reminded me of that, that I am not alone, that here are many more like me 🙂 Thank you for that Tonya! I think we should have an annual global conference for Light Workers! 🙂 🙂 Hihi!

    1. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for our meeting and synchronicity…Knowing that our light reaches across nations and connects us through divine love!!!
      Life is beautiful and for you and all others full of light, or shadow… I am most grateful my dear kindred sister….
      Love to you,

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