Hot water flowing…

Steam rolling…

Candles glowing…

Scents of Lavender..

Green Tea…

Berries… and salts…

Immersing ones …

Mind, Body and Soul…

Into the tranquility…

As warmth and …

Silky sensations…

Completely Cleanse..

Ones Aura….

Renewal Begins to Transform….

Bringing one Back to Wholeness…..TMB


7 thoughts on “~Renewal~

  1. Good morning greetings
    feeding birds
    conversations, laughter
    smiling at you
    lunch with a puppy
    feeling your heart with mine
    walking the streets
    praising His Name
    a song, a prayer
    tears flowing down my face
    sitting on a bench
    hugs around your neck
    sleeping under the stars
    those eyes
    in all things… God moves.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful poetry , photographs and drawings. It has been a long time, 7 years, that I wrote some poetry. Maybe I should find myself in it again. Thanks for this wonderful, relaxing poetry, that sings through my body and soul.

    Love Lisa

    1. Lisa,
      I’m not sure how I missed seeing this but am happy that I have now 😉
      I hope you are inspired to write and continue with your art and photography.
      Creativity heals the souls and when you heal we heal ♥

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