Jewelry In Candles

Who wouldn’t love to have an extra gift within your candle or tart that will last…always ♥ Check it out!! will make a great gift for someone or yourself 😉

Moments of a Wife & Mother of 3

I just recently started selling Jewelry In Candles.

IMG_30292066988517It is pretty awesome so far and I actually just made my first sale last night!! After not even a month with the company!

I’ll admit, like a weirdo, I called my mom and told her at 11 at night just to tell her. She was the one that convinced me to sign up.

Now I know this is not really a place for advertising but I did want to let all my followers and whoever else know about this AWESOME opportunity!!

You can sign up with Jewelry In Candles for FREE until November 15th.

It’s a free start up, NO monthly quotas, you get a free eStore of your very own, and you get 30-40% commission!

I know everyone could use a little more money to help with either little things or big things, so I thought I would share.

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