~Created Paradise~

My Sacred Place

A walking path through the woods..
Surrounded by tall lush trees…
With the suns rays peeking through the leaves..
as the breeze blows the branches..
that the birds are perched upon, singing…
giving a slight chill upon the shoulders…
Approaching an opening…
there is warmth and bright light..
glistening water rippling the refection of the sun..
the sounds of waves splashing upon the sand…
the feeling of paradise wells up within…
Contentment fills your universe…


3 thoughts on “~Created Paradise~

  1. Oh, so beautiful and magical Tonya! Like a place found in a dream or in a meditation. A place of healing! 🙂 Lots of Love to you! 🙂

    1. This place I go to, it is real as in my drawing.. ❤ A beautiful sanctuary along the Great Lake Huron …
      ~Lots Of Love~

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