Joy to You ALL

I have sat many times to make a post in the Last two weeks….

It seems I have had many blockers….

One be Holiday Shopping ♥…

Helping Family ♥…

and Last of all…

A power outage stopped me mid-post..

Ice storms are beautiful…


Iced Bushes
Iced Bushes … TMB

What I am really getting to….Is the Fact that this will be my last post for the YEAR…..My Christmas gift consists of a trip and a babysitter for the homestead ♥

Before I take my leave I wanted to …..

Merry Christmas

May you all be blessed with the Love of Family….

The Warmth of a Home, Friendship and Kindredship ….

Call Upon The Angels as Often as you are reminded…

So that Peace comes to us here on Earth…

Also May Your Dreams come True…

Violet Light

Love, Tonya

P.S. I shall return still wearing my bells so that I may catch up on all that needs be ♥




~Vision Board~

 For all of you that have considered making a Vision Board…..
You may be like me and not have all sorts of magazines at hand or even wall space for that matter…… BUT… Why give up on manifesting your dreams into reality…
We all want our dreams to come true and for each day to be a great day because we choose for it to be……We choose to live better… We choose to practice being positive and happy….All by choice we do this ♥
So now is where this idea I had that came to mind while I was visiting with my kindred

Creating Dreams
Creating Dreams

sister….. I was telling her about PINTEREST….

Most of us know about Pinterest…if not here is a link of mine for you to check out…
Are you excited or saying, I already thought of that, lol….
Either way… I was super excited and wanted to share!!!
I would love to see other people joining in and making their dreams and aspirations come true.. ♥
I wish that for all of you… Namaste ♥