Cords of Chaos


As a co-creator I create.. leaving these creative attachments on a trail behind me…Some are of success and are what keep me going with faith and hope!!

Many others that have been left behind in a tangled mess of Chaos are those unsuccessful creations. One after the other that has been created with hope and thoughts of success..haha moving on to the next and then the next!!

I have come to the realization that my cords are stretching out all over the place and I am not speaking about my art creations. I am speaking about the aliases that I have created for who I am. All of the “pet” names that I have created for myself have taken away from my true self! I have come to the point where I don’t even know how to represent myself any more! I have been in the try this or change this or what about this name that I have taken away the best part of it all and that’s…… Me!

I feel as though the universe is saying to me… “Your being strangled within your Chords of Chaos!! You have lost your Authentic self within these characters of who you think you are or who your peers think you are, this is not who you are! ” It is time to cut these cords and find you again! Allow the guidance to come in, your heart to open and listen, this time!……………. I feel this could be for anyone that feels stuck in Chaos! Listen to your universe and cut those cords that are holding you back…… from “You”! Asking Arch Angel Michael to use his sword and help you cut these cords is a great beginning~

I Am finding and re-creating me again ♥

Love, Tonya Marie ♥