Through it all….

Through the Storm……

                                       The wind…………….

                                                            The rain…..………..


Love conquers ……..

                               Love shows…..

                                                          Love always knows………….

His Love Shines

His love shines……………..

                                 Like the fire he lights….

                                                                            Keeping us warm…….

Delightful Treats

Sharing delights……..

                                     Warm Cocoa……..





                                           Warm ….

                                                               and Snugly…..……

Through it all

The night went on…….

                                      Blessed are we…..

                                                                        To Have………

                                MADE IT THROUGH IT ALL ♥      


We have a Squirrel that is one of many..We call him Chipper. He has a 

Chipperlimp and is very weak. The cold is upon us and he has struggles and a life at risk with Hawks all around.

Today I sent him Reiki as he lay upon the grass. accepting as he was, he did not move for a few whole minutes as I was invoking the nature spirits to help fill him with loving, healing light.

Knowing he was hungry  I circled the house with Peanut Butter Crackers in hand and hopes not to scare him off. He climbed the tree and rested on a branch to watch what I was to do next.As I made my offering sending him love as well. I sat next to the tree in silence sending him love and reiki. My toosh was wet and cold but the warmth in my hands and body kept us both warm. Feeling as if to have him cupped within my hands  I nurtured him with the source that runs through me and prayed for his healing and comfort.

I wasn’t quite satisfied for his health and safety so my husband and I put together a makeshift shelter for him, if he accepts. These are things from around the house that had come together as if they were meant to.

I hope to always do my best as I am a channel for Reiki, Radiate Love and am at peace with Nature…. Namaste

Makeshift Squirrel Shelter

Single after almost ’30 Decades


Dear Abel,                                                        

Just call me…Single-

Almost 30 years ago I married my husband. We had the same dream that everyone starts out with. A perfect home with our two sons.

We were living the dream…. Until something changed! I changed! Woke up to who I really was on the inside. The true me. Not the person he wanted me to be. I fell out of love with him and in love with me. Everything changed for me when this happened, for the better!! Though there are still days that aren’t so great but I am happy.

My husband and I divorced but living together until things are settled and I find a place. That is fine. we get along and still love eachother.

It will be time for me to move on soon. Into my own place. As a single woman. I am looking forward to being on my own(though single)

Here’s the punch line…. I have a few male “friends” that have not taken the hint or even straight forward, I AM NOT READY TO DATE!

At our age I would have thought they would have gotten it by now but they don’t………………..HELP!!!! I want to be with me right now. Does this mean we can’t be friends?

Dear “Single”

I am glad to see that you have ended a time in your life in a peaceful manner when so many don’t. I believe that it is a wise choice for you to take the time for yourself after putting so many years into others without truly knowing who you were.

Now to get to know yourself as a “happily single” woman. 

Far too often people jump into another relationship. Fears of being alone scare them toward another. This is called rebounds, or spite, or just loneliness. Which ever the reasoning behind it, some move to fast.

These men/friends in your life seem to fit the profile that most men do. Their age may tell a different story but all in all is the same. It is hard not to stereotype when it comes to the opposite sex but it seems we are always going there.

I see that you have already been forward with them and they still want to find a way into your arms. In order to keep that space I suggest you keep your friendship to merely phone calls or group settings. This is to keep him from getting the wrong idea. Always be clear in your words and actions, especially if you know he is interested. Finally if he just won’t give up and you aren’t giving in, then it seems the relationship may have to be over.

Take Care, Abel~


 (weekly writing challenge)heart love

A Follower I Fear(ed) ~ A Sign?

There I was sitting by the fire with my soft Yellow blanket and Yummy warm apple cider….

The sunshine peeking through the clouds to help warm me from the breeze….

A fire can be very captivating with it’s colors flickering before you…

My thoughts travel from tree to leaf, stick to flower and breeze blowing them to and fro…..

The ground was damp but I had warmth all around me…

Snapping pictures here and there as I get inspired to do…

Nature has a way of enticing you…

That is until a spider comes along!!….

Not just any spider but a curious one…………….Creepy….

A very creepy fear of mine, at least when we are to close…

I put distance between us and snap a few macro’s….

This spider followed me ….. it even seemed to look up…..

Is it Posing for the camera.. Haha…

This went on for a few feet into the yard…

Then I went back to my blanket and cider…..

Still feeling as if there was something, (the Spider behind me)

I kept turning around, looking… eh nothing was there…..UNTIL…

I almost squished!!! The Spider on the blanket behind me!!!!

I apologize to it for almost ending it’s life…

Then thanked it for the sign it brought into my life…

For there is always a reason when things just show up….

I still haven’t figured out if it has to do with facing my fears but looking up the meaning as I always do seems synchronistic to my life at the  moment……Here is a link for the meaning 😉

My Follower

A Sign..

A Creepy Follower