We have a Squirrel that is one of many..We call him Chipper. He has a 

Chipperlimp and is very weak. The cold is upon us and he has struggles and a life at risk with Hawks all around.

Today I sent him Reiki as he lay upon the grass. accepting as he was, he did not move for a few whole minutes as I was invoking the nature spirits to help fill him with loving, healing light.

Knowing he was hungry  I circled the house with Peanut Butter Crackers in hand and hopes not to scare him off. He climbed the tree and rested on a branch to watch what I was to do next.As I made my offering sending him love as well. I sat next to the tree in silence sending him love and reiki. My toosh was wet and cold but the warmth in my hands and body kept us both warm. Feeling as if to have him cupped within my hands  I nurtured him with the source that runs through me and prayed for his healing and comfort.

I wasn’t quite satisfied for his health and safety so my husband and I put together a makeshift shelter for him, if he accepts. These are things from around the house that had come together as if they were meant to.

I hope to always do my best as I am a channel for Reiki, Radiate Love and am at peace with Nature…. Namaste

Makeshift Squirrel Shelter