~Bringing Peace~

Your beauty,

caresses my senses..

giving me shivers

warm and then cold..


The sounds I hear..

sing to my heart and soul…

sending vibrations..

throughout my body…


You call to me..

I listen…

Desiring to be with you…

thinking of you 

as I gaze out of

the window…


You are my refuge…


With your trees

and their breezes..

Streams and their

cool flowing water..

Beautiful birds..

and their songs..


Bringing… Bringing..

Bringing Me Peace…..



peaceful mother earth

~Soul Sighs~

Soul Sighs

A soul sighs deeply…..

for the breath of silence…

within it’s sanctuary….

for the chaos …

has it shaken…

into unbalance… 

like a river runs dry…

a spirit is drained..

as it gasps to be filled..


and content…

Breathe in divine love…

filling body, mind and spirit….

releasing the chaos…

by becoming whole, again..~


~The Eve of Dusk~

The eve of dusk

is setting upon us

tucking itself away

in the distance

being wrapped 

within the clouds

as it’s decent

is slowly staged

widely spreading it’s light

from beginning to end

the Mountain

tucking the clouds away

as they roll slowly back

All the while creating 

a majestic setting before the night..


(I would like to mention that I experienced this just a few days ago while hiking up a mountain in New Mexico. I am honored and Grateful to have been given this gift to share with you. May you all find peace and love from this experience as well..♥)


Reflecting Ripples

Divine is she

When walking 

the path

under the sunlight

that reflects

her long strands

of red

her cheeks

of pink 

and lips 

that are


from the kiss

of the river 

she had just had a drink…

Rippling Water

Gazing upon

the flowing water

visions show

of what can be

in the ripples

reflecting back 

so that she may see

The beauty

in all things…



The Angel of Nature

Angel of NatureWithin Nature you see her..

From the corner of your eye..

As a Sparkle… a Twinkle

When along your path…

You Hear  in the distance…

A rustle in the foliage..

 You seek it’s destination…

A Rabbit, Squirrel ..

Maybe a Fox…

Scurrying through the bushes…

Birds singing with delight…

As you wish to silence your steps…

Snap…crackle under each foot..

But yet you feel..

Peace and Serenity…

Flow over and thru you…

From the breeze…

Making it’s way past..

You come to a small Sanctuary…

Your eyes begin to blink…

It’s hard to focus…

For all the twinkles that you see…

As your vision clears…

A form is unmistakable…

Could it be…

This is what the animals were following….

The Angel of Nature…

She is so Nurturing…Always bringing Peace…