A Majestic Muse

This place gives me a new muse…

Rain or shine ..

Her majesty’s power reigns…

Making changes within her control…

She pounds and shapes the shore  …

Leaving only a memory of the day before…

Never knowing what she has in store. ..

She is her own master…

None can guide her…

Believe in her power, her magic and beauty….

She will seduce you and entice you…

Be wise with how you choose..

To play and delight her…


Love,Tonya Marie☆

~The Eve of Dusk~

The eve of dusk

is setting upon us

tucking itself away

in the distance

being wrapped 

within the clouds

as it’s decent

is slowly staged

widely spreading it’s light

from beginning to end

the Mountain

tucking the clouds away

as they roll slowly back

All the while creating 

a majestic setting before the night..


(I would like to mention that I experienced this just a few days ago while hiking up a mountain in New Mexico. I am honored and Grateful to have been given this gift to share with you. May you all find peace and love from this experience as well..♥)