Butterfly Be Free

I found you ..

Rolling lifelessly …

Wet and weak…

You crawled upon my warm hand..

Then you walked with me..

Grateful in my hand..

I blew upon your wings..

Hoping to comfort and heal…

I set you on a leaf…

You spread your wings..

As if to breath…

A grateful flutter…

I walked away with promise..

You will fly again..

Butterfly be free….


Blessings & Love,

Tonya Marie~




Evolving thru Energies


The power has begun..

it is in effect…

transforming the old into the new…

energies flowing through you..

evolving  into higher consciousness…

receiving signals throughout your body…

let go of what no longer serves you…

fill yourself with the new energy, knowledge and wisdom…

listen, see and feel the signs…

they are heavy and frequent…

go within and be persistent…

your awareness grows with every instant….

may you evolve quick and painless…

taking comfort in your guides…

this shall pass .. take comfort… in love!

blessings be yours…

I have been struggling for almost 2 weeks with my Over Active Bladder!! I have begun to believe that it has to do with all of the energy shifts, solar eclipse and retrogrades to name a few. My sister thinks I may even be getting some wrong signals going to my bladder. I have been on meds for over a year and over the last weeks have been loosing my mind with over active spasms!! Non stop!! Which has taken control of my body, with anxiety, moodiness and discomfort of course.

I am proof that self Reiki and even distant has not been able to replace going to the doctor. I always give myself Reiki , everyday in fact and have done it more so with what has been going on. The Reiki my sister sent made a comforting difference for a good day in a half!!  I have had a definite change in my body that I can feel all the way through my core, my Kundalini , my universe, my flower and it feels as though it wants to run straight through me! Even though I went to the doctor for some relief , I am allowing with all my heart the change intended for my growth. I understand that my body, this vessel I live in will go through changes and that I need to take care of it. I do also wish for this to run it’s course quickly so that I can feel better!!

Each day I try to be present and accepting for all the blessings coming my way. I am clearing away the negative and making room for abundance in my life, the things I am worthy of and that I want to create in my life…. May it be, always!

Wishing you a smooth journey along this journey of evolution ❤

Love Tonya Marie ♥


My True Reiki Share~3

Embrace the Light

“Embrace the Light”

The Source for which heals us all through love and compassion.

My True Reiki Share experience has continued to touch my life as I know this is part of my purpose. I am still growing and have much to learn and I Am Grateful for “touching” peoples lives the way I have.

It was Easter Sunday, a day for kinship of not only family but friends with kindred souls. What a blessed day to have such a beautiful gathering. All the preparations were going on in the kitchen with mostly bliss..haha.. Mom got on me as I kept trying to poke my nose in to help. She is used to doing things like that on her own which I see her point but I did help stir as she poked fun at me for taking over that position. She is a strong willed and a strong spirit who never asks for anything yet deals with so very much inside and out. I knew she was feeling pain that day, you can see it in her stance and her walk. I knew at some point she wanted some Reiki, it was a matter of when “she actually sat down to accept it”. After many conversations about it on how the others had felt and the fact that she needed Reiki to relieve some of her pain, she finally decided to surrender to the healing light. Did I say surrender? because that is exactly what she struggled to do! I could feel her pain as I had started at her knees and I kept my hands there for a geed few minutes until I was guided to her shin/calf area. I could feel her resistance as if she was not wanting to claim her pain, she didn’t want to own it or release it. To own her pain would mean that she would have to admit she hurt so bad. There was a struggle for a moment and then……I ran my hands down her legs to her feet asking her to release her pain, to let it go as I pulled the energy attached to her pain out of the bottom of her feet. Little did I understand that I began to truly feel her pain in my body as extreme as she was feeling it! (I thought it was from the position I sat in on the floor on my knees so I adjusted myself though I kept feeling it.) As I was directed to the bottom of her feet , I lay my hands on them to complete our Reiki session.

I found out as we discussed the session afterward that her feet had felt like there we 1000’s of needles stabbing her  and this is exactly what I had felt on the bottom of my feet. What a strong connection we had and such empathy I felt “literally” for her! Blessed be that I was in the right spot and helping to release the pain for her.  I am grateful for the guidance and confirmation from the Reiki as I heal. I am learning that the feelings I have throughout my body are signs of where to go on a healee’s body which is all a part of the healing process and becoming one with that person so that I can help better heal them.

As the celebration went on, guest arrived and visiting continued it was nice to meet friends that I have only seen online or heard of . Sheila and I connected quite quickly as we started talking about healing and spiritual beliefs amongst other things, she had been to by Amy that I was a healer and could maybe help her with her allergies.  She wasn’t sure about Reiki, having not heard of it but from Amy. I shared stories with her from the that day and the day before and gave her a background of Reiki as I had done with the others then we went about the celebration. After dinner she was about to leave then decided to take another 20 minutes or so to have some Reiki. I knew most of what she needed as well and also she mentioned her abdomen so this was my focus , unless other wise guided. After session it was nice to sit and discuss what happened and again she saw colors and could feel something happening in her chest and abdomen. This is confirmation the Reiki is working and yes, it will continue to as well. She in return gave me her Beautiful Turquoise bracelet for which I am still grateful for.

Later that night after the house started to settle and the next day it was time for us to depart for home, Greg asked for another session of Reiki. I was ready, as always. He knew kind of what to expect but you never truly know. This session was all about positive energy, love and creating a better energy in his work environment along with prosperity. I laid my hands upon his head after using the Reiki symbols so that Reiki would fill his whole being and then I wanted to create his connection of light to Mother Earth and to the Creator/Source above, The Universe. As I spoke to him about the tube of light connecting him to the universe he said Mmhm and he told me that as I said that he saw the a white light open up in front of him. He had tried many times before to see it and never could. Blessed Be that it opened up for him in that moment I was guides to say it. This was after our session that he told me this. He also explained to me what the reiki had done to help him feel SO GOOD that he didn’t want me to leave. We talked about the session and he had many questions about reiki, he even said he was going to find a practitioner for when I was gone. I just couldn’t stay. My spirit said I wish I could help you all as I have just done and want to continue my journey as I have and will. He said that talking about the session afterward was a big help to his healing process and I agreed that it helped me as well.

I am incredibly grateful and humbled to know that I could be such a vessel to those in need of the beautiful light source, we call healing and may it always be there for eternity.

Thank you Greg for helping to create beauty in your life and the others around you. May you always find the peace you need and be filled with the love of light and grow with the special gifts that have opened up within you.

The final piece of this True Reiki Share Story.

Love & Light


My True Reiki Share~2

We all go about our daily lives dealing with one or more aches and pains. Some just get a headache or deal with arthritis from an old injury. None the less we just “deal” with it or medicate.


The few days remaining on my vacation were a big part of healing and learning both for the Healer and Healee.

After working on Greg, he felt such a positive change and felt better than before. In such an awe state he asked many questions into how Reiki works and that he wanted more. With that being said, my sister in law Amy had a headache and her shoulder had been bothering her. Never having even heard of Reiki but trusting what she had heard, I explained more to her before I began to place my hands upon her. As I have said before, the Reiki knows where to go, I just start at the top of her head. As I surrender my control, I am lead to areas upon her head, then onto her neck, then to her heart and her Sacral. Speaking words of guidance as I have a knowing of why I am lead there. Leaving her to come back to consciousness, I walk out of the room. After a short while her headache is diminished, her shoulder eased but a feeling in her lower back that finally went away.

The first time I had ever heard of Reiki and what is was about, something deep within my soul called to me! This is for you!This what you need to learn! I want to be a Reiki Practitioner! So finally I met someone, a Reiki Master. Not only is she a wonderful teacher but a wonderful friend and I am grateful for her to be in my life.

As the afternoon went on there was still talk off and on about Reiki, usually when someone would gasp or moan with an ache. Amy’s husband Doug has degenerative arthritis in his spine as well as some injuries, he is in pain much of the time. He was finally talked into having a Reiki session. Being totally clueless as to what was about to happen to him, I explained to as I did to the rest but what was about to happen just didn’t seem to prepare him enough.

During our session I focused on his neck , spine and lower back. Knowing this was where he needed healing. Always at the end sealing him in a bubble of light that continues to heal  him for at least the next 24 hours. Having finished I touch his head and let him know that when his is ready, he can get up. Then I leave the room.

He was in the room for quite sometime afterward as Amy kept going in to check on him. Finally she came to me and said he is really blown away as to what happened!! Knowing that my mother in law and I are spiritual she said maybe we could explain to him what had happened. This is when I asked my husband, who I have worked on a lot to go talk to him about his own experiences. I of course sat down with him once he got his legs back solid on the ground.  As we are sitting down he asks me “what are the colors?” and “why were my fingers twitching”? I was and am grateful to hear how wonderful the results of Reiki has healed places that need to be and without my guidance. For someone that has never had Reiki, it can open up Chakra’s (energy centers) that have been closed, heal the ones that are off balance. The colors represent the energy centers within the body. Some of his had been awakened, healed and even balanced. The Archangels and Ascended masters all have colors that represent them as well as totems and spirit guides.  The violet flame represents the creator and he/she is within us all. Reiki energy is within us all. The light and colors you see can be just that you have awakened to your energy within. The twitching of his fingers could have been the energy of his own hands, it may have been where his pain was being released as the Reiki needed an outlet. I used my hands and intention to pull the negative energy out of him and my intuition tells me this is what was happening. How beautiful is it that he was pain free for the rest of the day and night. Blessed be the gift of Reiki Healing.

Part II of My True Reiki Share


My True Reiki Share

While on a trip to Las Vegas, not to gamble and run the strip but to visit with family. Some I had not met,some I don’t see often enough and some I see more often. HaHa that was certainly a mouthful. This trip was a week full of gratitude! Beginning with the dream made true by my mother in laws children! The main purpose of this journey was to bring together her children that she had not seen in one place for 12 years. All four boys and the one girl made it happen, some with their spouses and some without but magical all the same. A mothers heart filled the pure joy that compares to the day she gave birth to each one of them. Her love and happiness radiated and filled the whole room and everyone in it.

Heart connection is a very strong feeling and can be healing for all within that connection.

Send love~Be love

Send love be love

Many of us know the power of energy and how it can effect you.  Each individual is different in how they feel the positive or negative vibrations. My sister in law is a conduit for all energies, they attach themselves to her because they like the ride she takes them on. My brother in law on the other hand attracts the feelings of negative energy, the pain of old wounds being carried within it for centuries. This affects a persons mood and daily life when the energy has attached to you until it is released or let go. I know, I know shielding is a must and a great tool that we often forget, until we start to feel something and then it is most often to late. This is what lead my brother in law “Greg” to me, after a night of being pulled down by a negative energy he picked up from an old saloon we had visited.

He knew that I was a Reiki Practitioner and he had distant Reiki from me before and now wanted it in person. Never having truly felt hands on Reiki Healing before something told him to ask for it.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the house we find a quiet room and he sits in a comfortable chair so that I can work on his head and shoulder area. Starting with the top of his head (this being the connection to the universe) I open him up to the loving light connection above, the source of the creators light, the Reiki that will fill his body. Instantly the Reiki starts to pulse through me into him, my heart starts to vibrate with the rhythm. Reiki knows where to lead my hands as I place them around his head and then his shoulders. Not just the negative energy that he picked up from the saloon lifts away but stale energy that had been lurking within had been lifted away. Reiki opened up new channels within him that had been closed. A beautiful healing had taken place and this was only the beginning.

I am going to Call this Part 1. As this story goes on it is important to me to add the details.

Love & Light