The Frozen Shoreline

A short visit to the beach says a lot!

The ice is just starting to touch the shoreline, here I stand upon it.
My Husband holding this poor Merganser that got caught up in the frozen waves with a hurt wing. We found him stuck in the sand and ice. May his wings be free of pain as he flies across the Rainbow Bridge.
A frozen space between sand and ice.
Frozen layers of sand lifting off of the ground with the ice flow.
A wider look a the circles of ice forming along the shoreline.
As far as our eyes can see.. Circles of ice multiply.. Like a magnificent array of frozen portals.. Dancing with the flow .. The waves in the under tow.. Whisper the sounds of swirling ice..

The ever changing shoreline blesses us with  the beauty of it’s changes! We never know what to expect when we go visit there which make the surprises extra special! I try to never go without my camera because one of my favorite parts of visiting the beach is taking photos!

I hope you enjoy the view as much as I do, with gratitude I love to share it with you ❤

Love, Tonya Marie

A Majestic Muse

This place gives me a new muse…

Rain or shine ..

Her majesty’s power reigns…

Making changes within her control…

She pounds and shapes the shore  …

Leaving only a memory of the day before…

Never knowing what she has in store. ..

She is her own master…

None can guide her…

Believe in her power, her magic and beauty….

She will seduce you and entice you…

Be wise with how you choose..

To play and delight her…


Love,Tonya Marie☆

Huron Shores 

Beach combing along the beautiful Lake Huron Shore…finding all kinds of unique stones and shells. 

We feel so blessed to have made the move to our cabin up north. I am the 4th generation and the first to homestead the place. In our hearts it will always be “The Cabin” that we are making our home. We are grateful for the solitude and peacfullness. 

The lake brings so much to us , we can always count on an uplifting walk along the shore. Each time we are in awe of the beauty and each find of the Petoskey stones.

The soothing sounds of the water and soft sand massaging every step at mid summer the water is tantalizing you for a dip. You can get mesmerized by the feelings and sounds which can turn any frown upside down.

May you find the peace and contement in your heart while you enjoy this peace of heaven on Earth☮

Love, Tonya Marie🌎❤