Within the circle of light…

We all carry within us that peice of God…..The Creator of all things….We create from within our God self….This is a gift that each of us carry…It is our Choice to use this gift…In a positive way…

Having such a connection to this source of the purest love and energy we should all be so grateful, indeed I am….We all have our knowing of what we feel and beliefs of where it comes from. Whatever we choose to call it. Our Angels, Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Mother Father God, Great Spirit, Ascended Masters and so on….

Now that I have gotten across a bit of my beliefs and have noted that I am a spiritual person I have an interesting share. I hope that those who may read this can be open hearted and open minded..….

With much synchronicity this evening in regards to the Typhoon hitting the Philippines I have been thrown for a loop and left to ponder an answer to a statement made to me.

As soon as I saw the post on facebook regarding the Typhoon, I reposted it with the request to send love and light to the people. Within a few minutes I received a text from a spiritual friend of mine to join in a silent heart connection and to send love to the Typhoon. The power of love and many is strong and can make miracles happen. I messaged another friend to let her know and she called me minutes later but she was unknowing of my text. We ended up connecting hearts together and prayed by speaker phone. (during this time I missed a call from my mom) Lots of synchronicities going on here……

 I call my mom back and my dad answers… so I tell him why I missed the call. They hadn’t heard about the Typhoon. We spoke for a few minutes about the heart connection and some other things pertaining to the recent call. I then spoke to mom about the same… filling each other in…. and then dad wants back on the phone….

    ……………………..HERE COMES THE LOOP.………………….

He says to me… “You know the Typhoon is an act of God“…………..???? If you want to pray for them that is good.. but pray for them not the Typhoon.. in a matter of words… My thoughts went wow… ummm… He is right….RIGHT??

So then I call my friend back to tell her and she says……”It isn’t God our Loving creator….. It is all of the NEGATIVE ENERGY created by us“, the WORLD.….The world is full of energy, negative and positive… our thoughts create patterns which manifest these things that happen in the world…… OKAY…… So….We have this to ponder….

We are all creators. We create with our thoughts and energy. Everything puts off it’s own energies. If this is a matter of Negative energy and we are all co-creators then does this mean that God is also a part of what has been created. Is it an extension of the universal pull… ?… 

 I want to have clarity on this.. a knowing deep within because I am not 100% sure within my own self that God isn’t a part of this since we are all a part of it. We are all one connected through Mother Father God, through love. We are all creators. This makes us all a part of this Typhoon, does it not???

If this is true in the fact that Negative Energy can create an event so catastrophic that is viewed and affects the world wide…. Then Why can’t POSITIVE ENERGY…. create something Miraculous to be viewed and Affect the would wide……