~Blessed with Adventure~

Today I am going to go a little off the usual path of my blog.

I have been Torn as to where to share this experience of mine. The winner is here on my blog which will also go to my Face Book, so Winner~Winner 😉

Over the Christmas Holiday Break I was blessed with an adventure! Driving across this beautiful country to visit family in Las Vegas, Go hiking in New Mexico and Sedona. I took over 3,000 photo’s there and back. It sure takes time to sign them and decide which group to share first. There are going to be 2 parts to this story, which I hope you enjoy learning about Ghost Towns.………………..

Via Wikipedia)

Rhyolite is a ghost town in Nye County, in the U.S. state ofNevada. It is in theBullfrog Hills, about 120 miles (190 km) northwest of Las Vegas, near the eastern edge ofDeath Valley. The town began in early 1905 as one of several mining camps that sprang up after a prospecting discovery in the surrounding hills. During an ensuing gold rush, thousands of gold-seekers, developers, miners and service providers flocked to the Bullfrog Mining District. Many settled in Rhyolite, which lay in a sheltered desert basin near the region’s biggest producer, the Montgomery Shoshone Mine.

My very first day in Vegas, I went on this Adventure with my Sister-n-law and her group “The Haunted Explorers” Though it was an unofficial trip I was stoked to be joining them with my camera in hand………..I hope you enjoy the first part of my photo journey….XO

Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV.

Goldwell Open Air Museum
Goldwell Open Air Museum
Albert Szukalski, and his group of artists created the art work.
Albert Szukalski, and his group of artists created the art work.

Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV.

The Haunted Explorers
The Haunted Explorers

Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV.

The Popular Big Pink Lady..
The Popular Big Pink Lady..


The Wind Catcher
The Wind Catcher
The Labyrinth
The Labyrinth


The Open Air Museum
The Open Air Museum

Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV.

The Haunted Exporers
The Haunted Explorers

Rhyolite,NV. Rhyolite,NV.

~Sunshine Award~

Cheers to you http://booknvolume.com/ Morgan for shining your light upon my page!! I very much enjoy your writings, poetry and inspiring expressions. I was very intrigued when I read your work on the poetry page you shared on. It lead me to your page and am always inspired to return . I hope to see others doing the same!!!!

We could all use Sunshine radiating throughout our community……I am blessed to have been given this Sunshine Award

May our light continue to keep us connected as we expand throughout our blogging community….


The Rules to the Sunshine Award are simple.

1. Display the Award on your Blog.

2. Announce your Honor (yes I’ve changed the word from win, I do so hope you don’t mind!) with a post and Thank the Blogger who Awarded you.

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I am Honored to Nominate~


She is fun, inspiring and always great on topic…..


Fun loving Mother with great stories about it all!!


One who inspires us all along our journey!!


A poetic, creative and inspiring blog.. I love her photo collages….


Always an inspiring poet and wonderful Artist to go with her writings!!

Just a few things about myself….

I am a huge procrastinator…….but getting better… 🙂

Pink has become my favorite color……

I don’t watch TV and most days I am surrounded by silence

I love..love..love candles!

and finally

I am a Reiki II Practitioner…..

May you all enjoy some sunshine sprinkled upon your pages and in your lives as it carries you through the darkest of nights or cloudiest of days ……Namaste…

Fall Escape

The colorful leaves 

on the trees

are falling..

Many are out

and about

soaking up the last of the 

seasonal fun

Hay rides

Haunted Houses


Cider Mills

What a delight 

to share

A warm cider and doughnut

after a bumpy hay ride 

gathering pumpkins  

to carve and color

There’s a chill in the air

as darkness closes in 

with screams and howls

from within the haunted houses

A brisk breeze blows

the leaves crinkle

under your feet

as you walk up the stoop

the orange light 

of a pumpkin glows

lighting your way

through the threshold

the night comes to an end

lights are dimmed

the moon peeks in

until tomorrow

another day begins..

Fall Escape
Fall Escape