Tonight She is Full

Sitting out on this full moon day, it continues to fill with haze…

The day before it was quite the same… it even filled parts with rain..

Staying focused isn’t the same.. the days past were more clear…

This moons got me shifting gears…

The fires blazing as it awaits the darkness, the intentions and connections to the moon…

Tonight she is full and ready to serve…

As she rises, your intentions clear…

The stars gather.. as an audience just for you…

May you make a wish or two..

You find yourself gazing into the sky, the shiny presence lightens your heart..

Soon the milky way floats by…way up high…

As your eyes close ..your head rests upon a pillow, like clouds you float off to sleep~

Late August Moon

~Blessings~ Tonya Marie


Release and Heal ♥

Full Moon Ceremony. I released some really powerful things that I had been dealing with. Such as anxiety and impatience. I was so very ready to let go of what I had been dealing with and I trust very much in the ceremony that I go to at my teacher’s house.

She uses a very traditional Native American Full Moon Release Ceremony. We use tobacco, hold it to our hearts say our prayer for release and then we burn it. Once the tobacco is gone our release is complete. We also do the same when we replace what we released with positive intentions. This fills our outer energy field completely back up.

Gratitude always closes the evening and we all have a lot to share when it comes to that. The cookies and tea were good tonight also.

I have a lot of faith in this ceremony because I have asked for things in the past months and they were given to me. Such as standing in my own power and truth. I received this about two weeks after the ceremony. Wham it hit me but not hard at all, it felt like I always had done it, like it was natural.

So naturally I had a lot to go with this time, I even had it all written down.

3 hours after ceremony,

Now I know that I have some awareness of energies around me. Sometimes it is a scent or a sound, something out of the ordinary. The funny thing about this whole “gift exchange” as I am going to call it. I was in the restroom when this happened. Here’s the short of it……..

As I was sitting there for not long at all, I heard howling like the wind, as if to be blowing along the wall and around to me. I started to get the chills big time and giggles (I giggle when I receive things) So I run into the room where my husband is and I’m cracking up and shaking all over with chills. I can’t stop laughing as I am telling him about my experience, and still stiff with the chills. Energy just seemed to be vibrating through me. WOW………. I finally said to my husband the healing has begun!! Thats got to be it…

I am not sure if anyone has ever released what no longer serves them and in return asked for what does but this is very powerful. I would suggest doing it the next full moon ♥

Healing Moon

Grandmother Moon

As I sat under Grandmother Moon,

She was full and Bright,

Ready to receive,

What I released tonight,

She welcomed,

That of which,

No longer serves me,

Within her fullness,

She claimed my release

With unconditional love,

As the embers burned,

Brother Wind and My Guides alike,

Carried smokes traces,

Never to be a part of me, again.

Grateful am I for her acceptance,

ask I ask her to fill my now empty places,

With love, light, peace and joy,

She obliges with her grace,

Her power profound,

A miracle, a gift she is to cherish.

Thank You,

Grandmother Moon ♥Receiving Gifts