Grey and White


Grey and White …

Which do you choose..

For it is found…

Within you…

Energy drawn out..

The shade is grey..

You are falling astray…

White looses shimmer..

Grey is much, much dimmer…

Churning within…

The season takes hold…

As withering pieces…

Of new turn old…

Surround you in shadow…

Grey covers white…

Weary you are…

No strength to fight….

Changes among you..

Directions to choose… 

White is the way…

Choose wisely you say…

Grey is dreary .

Dark and sad…

Ohh the choices …

You’re going mad!!!!

Grey and White is all you’ll ever have!!


Choosing our own path can be complicated when we battle with the changing of seasons, the energy around us and when sickness comes to us or those around us. We can choose to follow the grey and hold the shadow around us or to choose the white that is clear, open and welcoming.  We fight within to see the positive but get bombarded by the negative. My days can be filled with choices, many it seems and constant battle between Grey and White!! Which one wins….is up to me!! I hope you choose to win!!

My True Reiki Share~2

We all go about our daily lives dealing with one or more aches and pains. Some just get a headache or deal with arthritis from an old injury. None the less we just “deal” with it or medicate.


The few days remaining on my vacation were a big part of healing and learning both for the Healer and Healee.

After working on Greg, he felt such a positive change and felt better than before. In such an awe state he asked many questions into how Reiki works and that he wanted more. With that being said, my sister in law Amy had a headache and her shoulder had been bothering her. Never having even heard of Reiki but trusting what she had heard, I explained more to her before I began to place my hands upon her. As I have said before, the Reiki knows where to go, I just start at the top of her head. As I surrender my control, I am lead to areas upon her head, then onto her neck, then to her heart and her Sacral. Speaking words of guidance as I have a knowing of why I am lead there. Leaving her to come back to consciousness, I walk out of the room. After a short while her headache is diminished, her shoulder eased but a feeling in her lower back that finally went away.

The first time I had ever heard of Reiki and what is was about, something deep within my soul called to me! This is for you!This what you need to learn! I want to be a Reiki Practitioner! So finally I met someone, a Reiki Master. Not only is she a wonderful teacher but a wonderful friend and I am grateful for her to be in my life.

As the afternoon went on there was still talk off and on about Reiki, usually when someone would gasp or moan with an ache. Amy’s husband Doug has degenerative arthritis in his spine as well as some injuries, he is in pain much of the time. He was finally talked into having a Reiki session. Being totally clueless as to what was about to happen to him, I explained to as I did to the rest but what was about to happen just didn’t seem to prepare him enough.

During our session I focused on his neck , spine and lower back. Knowing this was where he needed healing. Always at the end sealing him in a bubble of light that continues to heal  him for at least the next 24 hours. Having finished I touch his head and let him know that when his is ready, he can get up. Then I leave the room.

He was in the room for quite sometime afterward as Amy kept going in to check on him. Finally she came to me and said he is really blown away as to what happened!! Knowing that my mother in law and I are spiritual she said maybe we could explain to him what had happened. This is when I asked my husband, who I have worked on a lot to go talk to him about his own experiences. I of course sat down with him once he got his legs back solid on the ground.  As we are sitting down he asks me “what are the colors?” and “why were my fingers twitching”? I was and am grateful to hear how wonderful the results of Reiki has healed places that need to be and without my guidance. For someone that has never had Reiki, it can open up Chakra’s (energy centers) that have been closed, heal the ones that are off balance. The colors represent the energy centers within the body. Some of his had been awakened, healed and even balanced. The Archangels and Ascended masters all have colors that represent them as well as totems and spirit guides.  The violet flame represents the creator and he/she is within us all. Reiki energy is within us all. The light and colors you see can be just that you have awakened to your energy within. The twitching of his fingers could have been the energy of his own hands, it may have been where his pain was being released as the Reiki needed an outlet. I used my hands and intention to pull the negative energy out of him and my intuition tells me this is what was happening. How beautiful is it that he was pain free for the rest of the day and night. Blessed be the gift of Reiki Healing.

Part II of My True Reiki Share



We have a Squirrel that is one of many..We call him Chipper. He has a 

Chipperlimp and is very weak. The cold is upon us and he has struggles and a life at risk with Hawks all around.

Today I sent him Reiki as he lay upon the grass. accepting as he was, he did not move for a few whole minutes as I was invoking the nature spirits to help fill him with loving, healing light.

Knowing he was hungry  I circled the house with Peanut Butter Crackers in hand and hopes not to scare him off. He climbed the tree and rested on a branch to watch what I was to do next.As I made my offering sending him love as well. I sat next to the tree in silence sending him love and reiki. My toosh was wet and cold but the warmth in my hands and body kept us both warm. Feeling as if to have him cupped within my hands  I nurtured him with the source that runs through me and prayed for his healing and comfort.

I wasn’t quite satisfied for his health and safety so my husband and I put together a makeshift shelter for him, if he accepts. These are things from around the house that had come together as if they were meant to.

I hope to always do my best as I am a channel for Reiki, Radiate Love and am at peace with Nature…. Namaste

Makeshift Squirrel Shelter


Within the circle of light…

We all carry within us that peice of God…..The Creator of all things….We create from within our God self….This is a gift that each of us carry…It is our Choice to use this gift…In a positive way…

Having such a connection to this source of the purest love and energy we should all be so grateful, indeed I am….We all have our knowing of what we feel and beliefs of where it comes from. Whatever we choose to call it. Our Angels, Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Mother Father God, Great Spirit, Ascended Masters and so on….

Now that I have gotten across a bit of my beliefs and have noted that I am a spiritual person I have an interesting share. I hope that those who may read this can be open hearted and open minded..….

With much synchronicity this evening in regards to the Typhoon hitting the Philippines I have been thrown for a loop and left to ponder an answer to a statement made to me.

As soon as I saw the post on facebook regarding the Typhoon, I reposted it with the request to send love and light to the people. Within a few minutes I received a text from a spiritual friend of mine to join in a silent heart connection and to send love to the Typhoon. The power of love and many is strong and can make miracles happen. I messaged another friend to let her know and she called me minutes later but she was unknowing of my text. We ended up connecting hearts together and prayed by speaker phone. (during this time I missed a call from my mom) Lots of synchronicities going on here……

 I call my mom back and my dad answers… so I tell him why I missed the call. They hadn’t heard about the Typhoon. We spoke for a few minutes about the heart connection and some other things pertaining to the recent call. I then spoke to mom about the same… filling each other in…. and then dad wants back on the phone….

    ……………………..HERE COMES THE LOOP.………………….

He says to me… “You know the Typhoon is an act of God“…………..???? If you want to pray for them that is good.. but pray for them not the Typhoon.. in a matter of words… My thoughts went wow… ummm… He is right….RIGHT??

So then I call my friend back to tell her and she says……”It isn’t God our Loving creator….. It is all of the NEGATIVE ENERGY created by us“, the WORLD.….The world is full of energy, negative and positive… our thoughts create patterns which manifest these things that happen in the world…… OKAY…… So….We have this to ponder….

We are all creators. We create with our thoughts and energy. Everything puts off it’s own energies. If this is a matter of Negative energy and we are all co-creators then does this mean that God is also a part of what has been created. Is it an extension of the universal pull… ?… 

 I want to have clarity on this.. a knowing deep within because I am not 100% sure within my own self that God isn’t a part of this since we are all a part of it. We are all one connected through Mother Father God, through love. We are all creators. This makes us all a part of this Typhoon, does it not???

If this is true in the fact that Negative Energy can create an event so catastrophic that is viewed and affects the world wide…. Then Why can’t POSITIVE ENERGY…. create something Miraculous to be viewed and Affect the would wide……



~Feel it Flow~

As I sit …I Feel it Flow~

Typing these letters… I Feel it Flow~

I Am a Channel…I Feel it Flow~

The light streams through me…I Feel it Flow~

Vibrations.. Wrist to Hand..Ankle to Foot..I Feel It Flow~ 

Energy more intense from time to time..I Feel it Flow~

Rub and Shake.. It won’t let go… I feel it Flow~

I Am a Healer… I Feel it Flow~

I am Grateful to Feel it feel the confirmation that I am a vessel for the source of God’s light that flows through me to you as we heal…and so it is ♥ AHO………………………….TMB ’13