Choosing Choices

We choose

because we have a choice

Free will

so it is…..

Not always is this choice

that we choose

the one for us….

This is when what we choose..

smacks our choice

right in our face 

by saying 

this isn’t the one for you…

it is time to choose

another direction

on your path……

That choice 

just wasn’t working out…

Be wise and choose

with wisdom..

your next move…






ChoiceWe are all given a choice… none right or wrong…though these choices may be seen one way or another…. they are meant to be….. whichever the out come…. Granted we can create the outcome given the choice is a benefit for who may be involved…. This does not ensure happiness….

Given the power of choice… can go to ones head, which can consume them and turn into the not so pretty side of choice.. Our choices are all our own…we OWN them…take credit for them… they belong to us and none other…

From start to finish, we choose what to say, how to feel and what direction to go… We are taught by right or wrong and bad or good. Inevitably our choices are exactly what they were meant to be. They are planned and thought out…most of the time. If there comes a time when we are  making a choice for another, for example our children, this is meant to be as well and we still own those choices. If we choose something for another person without their permission, we own that as well. It is still us choosing.

Choice….. I choose to express on this subject though I don’t feel that I put it together quite so well …but…. I choose to post it all the same………. because I needed to let it out even though my thoughts were scrambled on the subject…..If you read and listened, thank You….. for choosing to stay 🙂