Be You

When you say that you are secure with who you are~

Then why? … try to be like someone else?

“Be” the “You” that “You” want others to believe that “You” are~

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Confidence is beautiful, though many of us carry a false confidence out of fear. The fear that others may see the who, we truly are.  Instead of mirroring our true self outward we begin to mirror our friends, acquaintances or family members as a insecure disguise. We sit back and watch the popular one or the pretty one or the social butterflies and so on. Instead of being grateful for our special qualities we shy away and hold them inside.  In turn we mask ourselves with the qualities of others because that is what we want in our own life. We loose ourselves in wanting to be like others and this is where envy and jealousy find a place within our heart. As time goes on we loose ourselves in an artificial world that is not our own.

It is important that we keep our individuality and even though we have different qualities if we look deeper within ourselves we can see that many of us are alike. We all want exactly the same things for ourselves an for others which is Love, Peace, Comfort, Respect and Security, mainly.

Not everyone is as excepting as they could be and there is a lot of disconnect in the world, this is why we need to be our very own authentic self. We need truth and compassion to fill the empty spaces of dishonesty and hate. Being ourselves and trusting that that is enough makes for a great beginning. Giving it a chance and only having a few others around you that accept you and are authentic themselves is enough. We do not need many any longer, even small groups can make a difference. All we need is to lift each other up with love and support and we can remain strong and Be Ourselves ❤


Tonya Marie