Sitting by the open window…

The sun shining through the tree branches..

A gentle breeze rustles the leaves…

Sounds like sprinkles fill your ears…

Peering out to see the cause…

Tiny pieces of acorn drop to the ground…

Squirrels nibbling on their breakfast  up above…

Acorns seasoned, ripe and ready…

A bounty of broken shells scattered upon the grass…

When stepped upon, feel like broken glass..

The circle of life awakened within us all….


Love and Blessing on this Autumn day, may you see, hear and feel the abundant blessings that it brings ❤

alley autumn autumn colours autumn leaves
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Ever Changing ….

Wolley in search of a place to rest...
Wolley in search of a place to rest…

The presence of Autumn

is in the woods

along the rivers

from the deep rich soil of the earth

to the ever transforming

clouds in the sky

By watching the Earth

we see 

we hear

The Changes of the

Past, Present and Future

all right in front of us

These Miracles

what Brilliance in our

ever changing

Circle of Life

(c) Tonya BartonTMB’13