The Frozen Shoreline

A short visit to the beach says a lot!

The ice is just starting to touch the shoreline, here I stand upon it.
My Husband holding this poor Merganser that got caught up in the frozen waves with a hurt wing. We found him stuck in the sand and ice. May his wings be free of pain as he flies across the Rainbow Bridge.
A frozen space between sand and ice.
Frozen layers of sand lifting off of the ground with the ice flow.
A wider look a the circles of ice forming along the shoreline.
As far as our eyes can see.. Circles of ice multiply.. Like a magnificent array of frozen portals.. Dancing with the flow .. The waves in the under tow.. Whisper the sounds of swirling ice..

The ever changing shoreline blesses us with  the beauty of it’s changes! We never know what to expect when we go visit there which make the surprises extra special! I try to never go without my camera because one of my favorite parts of visiting the beach is taking photos!

I hope you enjoy the view as much as I do, with gratitude I love to share it with you ❤

Love, Tonya Marie

Sprinkles of Love

josephine_wall_2015sprinkles of love

Sprinkles of love..

Falling to the Earth…

Piling up abundantly..

For all of those in need…

Making  a merry and joyful presence…

Seen and heard from all around…

Where ever you may be … what ever you are doing  and who ever you are with.. May the sprinkles of love reach you and the one next yo you. 

Love, Tonya Marie