For those in Need

My husband,  Matt supports me in all of my endeavors big or small win or loose, he is there for me 100%!! Though I am always dabbling in something he is there to say go for it. I always tell him that my dreams aren’t as big as his and that mine are a bunch of little ones. I always start small and take baby steps. It isn’t often that I jump to high but him on the other hand has Big dreams! his ideas are like sky scrapers!

In return for all of the support that he gives me… well… we give each other! Equally so he his is my partner and I support his dreams and endeavors. So here I go!! Sharing this dream of his everywhere that I can. I am going to ask my virtual friends to share and maybe even donate where you can. I hope that you can support him not because he is your partner but because you believe in his dream and want to share it with others to help make it happen!

Namaste and thank you ❤



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