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Here to inspire & be inspired…thru creativity, spirituality and all of life's blessings…Namaste ♥

I Write… ..

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I write, as I Am inspired…

Jotting down words…

With no rhyme…but only sometimes..

My words will rhyme…

With thoughts… to many a number…

Counting  them would move you to slumber….

By letting it flow…

With a pause or two or even three…

The only one who knows …..is me…

What it is…. that you will see…


~Blessings and Love~ TMB





Author: 2flames

I am an expressionist through poetry and art in search of a place to let go, be a part of community that shares the same interests. A place where opinions are shared,comments and openness in the truth that we are all in search of the same. My writings are all Copyright © Thank You all the same ♥

One thought on “I Write… ..

  1. It’s a nice thought to be written about. And you’ve done a fairly good job with this one.

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