Every time we heal…

No matter the time…

It takes or the reasoning…

We may not know why..

A ReBirth takes place..

Filling the empty places…

With a new light….

A door that closes…

Triggers that create tears…

Unknown reasons…

Emotional releases…


As we heal…ReBirth takes place…

A new out look takes its place….

Loving light fill it’s space….

We grow and never stop! Many times have I witnessed my own rebirth and that of others. This shift in consciousness, awareness and spirit takes place all around us. As we remember who we are and what our purpose is as we walk our walk on this beautiful Earth.

I was just thinking after I was looking at the image and felt a muse come on and thought this was the place to share ❤ There is so much more to this image that I have come close to expressing….


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