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Words and Emotions

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Words and Emotions

Feelings lead to words…

The emotions carried within them….

When spoken take another form….

As they are passed on they form changes…

The feeling that once was…

Becomes mixed in translation….

Creating confusion….

Anger and hurt….

Separation is infinite…. 

Feelings felt…

Transformed into words…

Passed on into translations…

Confusion begins…. 

Then all becomes lost…

In a mixture of words and emotions…..

Never to be the same again…..



Author: 2flames

I am an expressionist through poetry and art in search of a place to let go, be a part of community that shares the same interests. A place where opinions are shared,comments and openness in the truth that we are all in search of the same. My writings are all Copyright © Thank You all the same ♥

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