My True Reiki Share

While on a trip to Las Vegas, not to gamble and run the strip but to visit with family. Some I had not met,some I don’t see often enough and some I see more often. HaHa that was certainly a mouthful. This trip was a week full of gratitude! Beginning with the dream made true by my mother in laws children! The main purpose of this journey was to bring together her children that she had not seen in one place for 12 years. All four boys and the one girl made it happen, some with their spouses and some without but magical all the same. A mothers heart filled the pure joy that compares to the day she gave birth to each one of them. Her love and happiness radiated and filled the whole room and everyone in it.

Heart connection is a very strong feeling and can be healing for all within that connection.

Send love~Be love

Send love be love

Many of us know the power of energy and how it can effect you.  Each individual is different in how they feel the positive or negative vibrations. My sister in law is a conduit for all energies, they attach themselves to her because they like the ride she takes them on. My brother in law on the other hand attracts the feelings of negative energy, the pain of old wounds being carried within it for centuries. This affects a persons mood and daily life when the energy has attached to you until it is released or let go. I know, I know shielding is a must and a great tool that we often forget, until we start to feel something and then it is most often to late. This is what lead my brother in law “Greg” to me, after a night of being pulled down by a negative energy he picked up from an old saloon we had visited.

He knew that I was a Reiki Practitioner and he had distant Reiki from me before and now wanted it in person. Never having truly felt hands on Reiki Healing before something told him to ask for it.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the house we find a quiet room and he sits in a comfortable chair so that I can work on his head and shoulder area. Starting with the top of his head (this being the connection to the universe) I open him up to the loving light connection above, the source of the creators light, the Reiki that will fill his body. Instantly the Reiki starts to pulse through me into him, my heart starts to vibrate with the rhythm. Reiki knows where to lead my hands as I place them around his head and then his shoulders. Not just the negative energy that he picked up from the saloon lifts away but stale energy that had been lurking within had been lifted away. Reiki opened up new channels within him that had been closed. A beautiful healing had taken place and this was only the beginning.

I am going to Call this Part 1. As this story goes on it is important to me to add the details.

Love & Light


2 thoughts on “My True Reiki Share

  1. I love this. I am like that too, taking on other people’s emotions like they were my own. I try to ask the Angels to help me, and it does help, but still it is difficult. Sometimes people also drop their negative energy on me on purpose because they know I never get angry, or say anything back or anything. It has always been like that with me. So I try to reach out to God and the Angels for help and healing. 🙂 ❤

    1. My empathy isn’t quite as strong though I am more aware of energies and how the affect me. Always asking for protection is a good practice whether you are giving someone council , in a crowded room or just walking the streets!
      I know to be true that the Angels are always by your side, so indeed you are protected.
      I am grateful to be a channel to help others in need ❤

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