Relationships of all forms can be challenging. We have no trouble expressing our love and caring for one another in most cases. Giving thanks in the form of a hug, a smile and even a kiss on the cheek. This is the common way to express love and gratitude to the ones we love. As a child I was raised that way and I raised my children in the same way. My friendships I treat in the same matter because I love and have compassion for all of my relationships. This doesn’t mean that everyone is like that in their relationships. Whether it be family or friends some of us have a hard time expressing love in that way.  A hug can be foreign to many that have never felt love or have been shown compassion from others. It does not matter where we are from because love is the same in every part of the world.

On the other hand we have anger and again, we have no trouble expressing this emotion in our relationships. Some relationships people express the love and the anger with no problem. Why shouldn’t they? These emotions go hand in hand when you share space with others. We are all so different in our expectations that sometimes we agree but disagree. Many of us can show self control with the anger we may carry towards another and then some over express this towards their loved one causing deep hurt. Both parties suffer by feeling unloved and cared for by the other. With both love and anger we can loose the vision of what the other person really means to us because we let that emotion control the true feeling within. 

At some point there is going to be resentment towards the one that either loved or angered too much. We as humans can hold on to this feeling for an entire life time. Taking away from our own peace and even that of others. Undeserving of feeling this way or carrying such a burden. When we cannot express love or anger to the ones we care so much about in our lives. When we struggle so much for the words but cannot seem to find them. We loose ourselves in the process and forget as time passes why we have continued to hold resentment for so long. We allow this to control our present lives knowing we should let go of the past. 

Instead of living in a tunnel by only seeing what we feel and not seeing that relationships take team work.  We take part in the matters of the heart just as much as the others do. I would like to see the relationships in others heal as well as some of my own. What a difference it would make for many if there was a way to do this without the confrontation so many of us worry about. This is why there is so much strain and suffering on our relationships. The unspoken words can fester and spoil years of happiness in our relationships. 

Enough sadness and  sorrow. Let there be love and joy. Expand the love we feel in our hearts and find a way to heal those that have held on to these burdens!

There is a way! I shall start and you may follow, if you choose to.

(include the name of your loved one in this prayer)


Love and Blessings to you and yours,

XO, Tonya

3 thoughts on “FORGIVNESS

    1. Thank You Trini ❤ this is out of my norm but I was thinking about it and decided to write on my blog, which I should do more often with All of my thoughts :).. xx

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