Connected are our lives…

Through family ties…


Distance be it may…

Love finds it’s way..

Presenting itself…

Within words, smiles and hugs..

Rising above any woes or shrugs..

Connected are we…

With each peaceful breath…

Knowing this truth…

Near or far..

Connected we stay..

This shall never go astray....


My Love

radiate love

My love..

It fills me..

From the bottom…

Where I Connect to Mother Earth..

From the top..

Where I connect to the Universe..

My love..

It fills my heart…

Where I spend my time..

Creating love..

For me and for you..

My love..

It’s free..

Flowing threw me..

Radiating outward…

Reaching one by one…

Ray by ray…

Leaving a lighted path..

to Oneness..


Capturing Moments


First cup of coffee

Looking and listening

To my surroundings

Across the way

The sound of a motor

Bogging down as it splits the wood

For winters cold………..


The wind carries with it

Voices of those I cannot see

Someone is hammering wood

In the distance……


The cool morning breeze

Blows through the window

As I sip my warm java

My attention is drawn to

The Magnificent Dragonfly’s 

Presence upon the screen

Like none I had ever seen before

Waiting for me to notice……


Everything grew silent

As I gazed upon him with his

Glistening wings, 

Colors of the earth 

Bold of green and burgundy….


We were one

If only for a moment

As a flash of heat came over me…


Capturing our time together

In my heart and on film

Knowing it may be our last


Some moments later

After walking away

Nature took its course

With the Dragonfly and the Bumble Bee……………… TMB