Love~Smudging & Children <3


I am grateful…

for children blessings…

their need for us..

to guide them..

the Angels by our side..

Guardians over us..

Guides with light…

so that we are 

full of pure ..

unconditional love…

passing this on..

to the children ..


I am blessed in my life and grateful to pass my blessings on to others. This journey of love that I walk has been  most enlightening since I have awakened to my souls purpose the amazing experiences come to me and I awaken more and more. 

Today I worked a clearing of negative energy from both of my nephews bedrooms. It had been many, many months since my oldest nephew had slept in his bedroom because of fear and severe nightmares. My youngest nephew had nightmares. After creating and Reiki blessing them both a Dream Catcher I to them with me along with my kit for smudging to their home. Gratefully my brother and sister in law approved.

I have done this ritual one other time for my young granddaughter which helped her release her fear of negative energy in her bedroom.

It was a different but an enlightening experience with my nephews because they are older and can express more. The whole family could feel the difference when we were finished. My energy was lit up like an eternal flame. I was vibrating with pure positive energy from all the love energy we called into the room. The boys even asked their Guardian Angels for their names and received them. 

What a beautiful gift of love the universe provides for us and that is all we need, love.

I am looking forward to the wonderful news of my nephew finally sleeping in his room, his sanctuary, his happy space!!



2 thoughts on “Love~Smudging & Children <3

  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely lovely story! 🙂 I am so happy that your nephews are now okay and surrounded by positivity!! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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