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With you~With me


Angel Reflection

I met you there…

sitting next to me…

on the plane…

though I never got your name….

you were lost..

nervous, a bit weak…

a blessed gift you were

about to receive..

shedding a tear of joy…

to see your son and his, anew…

after a decade has passed,

Now a miracle, I see….

I gave you comfort…

a gift of art…

for your courage as you travel far…

allowing you to be my angel..

our hands connected..

words of comfort..

as we touch down…

Your need for me was stronger…

The gift you received …

for helping me…

a reflection of one…

connected by hearts…

will always be with you…..

with me… ❤






Author: 2flames

I am an expressionist through poetry and art in search of a place to let go, be a part of community that shares the same interests. A place where opinions are shared,comments and openness in the truth that we are all in search of the same. My writings are all Copyright © Thank You all the same ♥

3 thoughts on “With you~With me

  1. Oh, Tonya, this is enchanting. I LOVE this!!! Thank you! Love, Amy

  2. So beautiful poem Tonya! I also believe we can be angels for each other, and sometimes if we ask Heaven for an angel, Heaven will send an actual Earth Angel that will touch our lives profoundly 🙂 This poem reminds me of a lady I met in a plane once, she was going on a pilgrimage to her ancestral place in India. It was the first time she went to India, even though her roots were Indian. She went on behalf of her mother-in-law who had managed to walk again (she had lost the feeling in her legs after a sickness) after praying continuously to a Hindu goddess for three years. That goddess had a temple dedicated to Her in a remote village in North-India, that is where the young lady was going. All alone without knowing the language. I think she is the bravest lady I have ever met! And all this, just to say Thank You to a Goddess 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. So beautiful Tonya!! You paint a wonderful picture 🙂

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