~Losing~Control ~

Disillusioned control

Today you had control

As did you not realize

that you were 

controlling things

within your thoughts

you were indeed,

Thinking of the why..what …when…

do not feel 

this way or that…

let it be…

what will…


you shall…

the out come…

it is meant for…

Flow ‘ever flow… 

being wise not to judge…

the situation is what it is…

just because…

Release your mind..

go into your heart… this is ..

Where you start <3.



4 thoughts on “~Losing~Control ~

  1. What a wonderful Poem Tonya!! Especially for me today, as I am in the middle of a rather challenging situation that I cannot control. Lots of Love to you!

    1. Let go of the control, indeed ❤ This is obviously a test for you and showing you that when you are not trying to control situations the outcome is for your best and highest good~~ Go with the flow, trust and believe it will work out because the universe is on your side ❤

      Love to you, sweet Line

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