~Creative Path~

As of late it seems my creativity has been taken offline.

My thoughts and expressions have been working through my hands.

Creating something new.

I have fallen in love with……..


Which are Reiki infused with love and positive energy.

Blessings, Love and Light to YOU !!!

10 thoughts on “~Creative Path~

        1. I do in all honesty mean that I would indeed love to create one for you and send it 🙂
          I believe there is a way you can email me your address, and if you would prefer certain colors!
          I would be so honored to send one off to you 🙂

          1. How wonderful!!! I think I have you email address next to your comment in the WP dashboard. You probably also have mine in the same comment section. I will send you a mail. I am moving to Calcutta in North-East India next week, but when I get that new address I will give it to you! How exciting!!! 🙂

          2. I believe you are right 🙂 I see your move going smooth and easily with no frustrations 😉
            I am excited as well and look forward to creating this, my most special Dream Catcher, yet ❤

    1. Thank You XO,
      I have not found them very difficult to make. These are my first ever and I created them by looking at a pattern then went with it 😉 Go for it!! Google how too and you’ll be set!

      1. Wow! I’d have never known they were your first, they look amazing! I’m definitely going to give this a go! 🙂 Thank you! xxx

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