~Look Away~

Negative Energy

I Looked Away Today…

The picture was sad….

Disturbing …

Even Violent…

I Looked Away…

As I felt the Pain…

In my Soul….

Aching in my heart…

For that of which I saw…

While tearing through..

Reaching my core…

I Look Away…

Exchange of Energy

Sending Love to the spaces within..

Peaceful thoughts replace..

That of which…

I Look Away…

Then I say..

I Am Love..

Radiating the vision..


Bringing Positive  in exchange..

To replace all that is Negative..


I shall Not..

Look Away...

Balanced Energy


5 thoughts on “~Look Away~

  1. Beautiful like always Tonya! Yes, we should acknowledge all parts of us, and of the world, and then light up the dark nooks and corners with divine unconditional Love 🙂 Lots of Love to you wonderful Tonya!

    1. Blessings to you dear Line full of light, for you fill those spaces with love and light, on your divine path…….
      Thank You…. 🙂

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