7 thoughts on “~Heart Seeds~

  1. Another beautiful poem! Yes, I think we all have some memories to heal, some from this life, some from other lives. And I think the universe gives us perfect chance to heal them in the right time, as long as we are open to be healed and to embrace the Love that is given to us to fill the emptiness that is left when we let go.

    1. I have been feeling the pull in many parts of my body as of late. Big signs that I need to heal. I knew that I had been neglecting myself for a few weeks and my soul knew to, so push it is and now is a time to heal, so that I may move along my journey healthy and loving…..

      Not only that I have recently learnt that we carry our ancestors karma….though I feel that in my life now that I have not been left with much 🙂 SO yes Line, we have much to heal….

      1. Then you must heal Tonya! We all need that, I am not so sure about “carrying the karma of our ancestors”, but if you feel that, then it is right for you. I am right here in case you should need something that I can give 🙂 We all need some support, especially if we are in a process of healing 🙂

        1. Thank You Sweet Line, your words are healing for me, your gift of love is healing to me, your light reaches to me and fills me with peace~
          Thank you ….
          Love and Light in return~~~~> to you…XO

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