Spreading My Wings

Spreading My Wings


My Journey is taking me to new levels of

Experiences and Expressions….

Within the last few days I have

Opened myself up

By Creating a NEW BLOG

Connected to this one

Which is an extension of, yet another Love of Mine

Photography ♥

Here’s the link to:


~DriveBye!! PhotoGraphy!!~



This is a montage of Photo’s I have taken while traveling on the road. I call them moving pictures because I was moving in a vehicle while shooting the photo. Most of the photos from my trip are DriveBye~ and not to bad. So I thought I would share 😉


I Am grateful for this beautiful space to share with all of you ♥






As the sun shines…

it transmutes light…

radiating its warmth….

across the land…

causing the trees….

to blow their warm breezes….

the grass to dance with the flowers…

while the animals run and play….

the rivers flow and glisten…

as the lakes ripple peacefully….

Our spirit connects its light as one….

All following the Guidance of the Sun…..

Always knowing …

upon it’s set…

the light within continues to shine….