~Angel of Love~

My Friend,

You Love Angels,

They Love You, 


Never to forsake You,

Sharing the Joyful,

Sad and Quiet Moments

With You,


They are just a thought

or a word away….

Here is one for you…



Angel of Love

by, TonyaMB~

9 thoughts on “~Angel of Love~

  1. Oh, WOW, Tonya! This is gorgeous! You really are a phenomenal artist! I love your art work! I also love the poem! It is as though you are speaking to me! This is so beautiful! What an incredible use of colors! Wow! Lots and lots of love to you from me 🙂

    1. I was Thinking Of You When I wrote this ♥
      I almost gave away my Angel to you the other day…. I couldn’t wait for you to see her 😉
      ((hugs))) & Love, To You….

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