~Dark to Light~

Once given up on dreaming..

Those days were over…

Falseness took hold…

Dream no more…

It won’t come true for you…

Feeling unworthy….

It got Dark……


A pull comes along…

From deep inside…

Enticing you to look up…

Slow at first..

Eyes still shut…

All the while feeling the warmth …

Of a hug it seems…

So contenting…

You must look…

Blinking to adjust..

 To what you see….

Your Guardian Angel..

Here to set you Free.…. ♥


Guardian Angel

4 thoughts on “~Dark to Light~

  1. Oh, I love this, and I so loved the image! As you probably have understood from my blog, I adore angels! My guardian angel is a beautiful pink light, I just know that my angel is female, because she has a maternal love, but I have never really seen how she looks like, I only see that pink light.

    1. What a gift of pure unconditional love for you to see her light…… it isn’t often they take form because it takes A LOT of energy to do so…. You can ask her name……

      “close your eyes….take a few deep breaths…center yourself on her…..Then ask: Guardian Angel Please Reveal to my your Name………………………………..
      it may come right away or later….(for you I believe right away)
      You will hear the name and even receive confirmation later……Also you can do this more that once or with your spirit guides!!
      I received 2 of my gaurdian angel names, I was like wow 😉
      Let me know,

      1. Dear Tonya! I have tried to ask her her name and something came into my mind, it just came spontaneously. I mean, it is name I have never heard before. I don’t know if it is real, but I like it very much. I love her so much! Thank you for your beautiful words 🙂 I am so happy I have found someone who also believes in, and has experience with angels. So many people just laugh at me, and call me a silly little girl (even though I am quite grown up 🙂 )

        1. ~Believe~… and know that this name is very much that of your darling Guardian Angels… She loves you and is next to you always 😉
          Continue to shine your light and you will see others will come to you that believe. You will attract what you wish to be around you 😉
          I am so grateful that we have connected and that you have found a place to feel love and welcome.

          Your Angels and Guides will help you, just ask 😉

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