Loving Heart Expressions

Here to inspire & be inspired…thru creativity, spirituality and all of life's blessings…Namaste ♥




As the sun shines…

it transmutes light…

radiating its warmth….

across the land…

causing the trees….

to blow their warm breezes….

the grass to dance with the flowers…

while the animals run and play….

the rivers flow and glisten…

as the lakes ripple peacefully….

Our spirit connects its light as one….

All following the Guidance of the Sun…..

Always knowing …

upon it’s set…

the light within continues to shine….




Author: 2flames

I am an expressionist through poetry and art in search of a place to let go, be a part of community that shares the same interests. A place where opinions are shared,comments and openness in the truth that we are all in search of the same. My writings are all Copyright © Thank You all the same ♥

6 thoughts on “~Sun~Light~

  1. How beautiful Tonya! Lets us all keep our little lights shining from within, out into the world 🙂

  2. A Beautiful Inspiration 🙂 Thank You!!!

  3. THIS shines, transmutes, and radiates! 😉 Much Love and Gratitude 🙂

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