Loving Heart Expressions

Here to inspire & be inspired…thru creativity, spirituality and all of life's blessings…Namaste ♥

I Am~ I Wish~I Hope


I am..

I wish…

I hope ..

To be all that..

I am meant to be…

I am..

I wish..

I hope…

To Always..

Be in a place of Love…

I Am…

I wish…

I hope…

To Grow…

Wise with Knowledge..

I am…

I wish..

I hope…

To have No Fear…

I am..

I wish..

I hope…

To Always Know

That I Can make a Difference..

In this Universe…

I Am Love..

I wish…

I hope..

For you to…

Know the same….


I Am.......


Author: 2flames

I am an expressionist through poetry and art in search of a place to let go, be a part of community that shares the same interests. A place where opinions are shared,comments and openness in the truth that we are all in search of the same. My writings are all Copyright © Thank You all the same ♥

10 thoughts on “I Am~ I Wish~I Hope

  1. Tonya, between what you drew and this post, something “heavy” lifted from off my shoulders. I don’t know what it was, but I have been “wrestling” with heaviness for about a week now. I actually FEEL the flow of tingles again, the euphoria I feel when Love is Present. It’s as though an Angel right now is wrapping Her Wings around me. And that Angel would be you. Bless you, Tonya. I do Love you. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • My wish and my hope came true for you to feel the love radiating from these creations.
      The Angel at my side came through to you as he helps guide me, as he brings the flow of love and joy outward to you.
      You bless me in return for the gracious gift of knowing that we heal together through the beauty of expression and inspiration….
      Love to you, Amy….
      XO Tonya

  2. PS I woke up just this morning, despairing because I just couldn’t seem to FEEL the Love Current as I usually do. Oh, wow, I feel uplifted, invigorated, and tears prickle my eyes as I write these words. God bless you, Tonya! The world is so bleak without Love.

    • OHH Amy, you have blessed my day by expressing your love and for being lifted up by something I have done…
      Today I helped, today I filled my purpose and by that I grow, I am filled with Abundance that I gave you this gift…For this Gratitude fills my heart as the tears swell knowing that you feel whole, love, peace and joy!!!
      XOXO, Love Tonya

  3. you choose the most gorgeous pictures ever! And your writing is amazing…muaa 🙂

  4. Beautifull writing! And I love that Angel! very pretty! Good work


  5. Tonya really, your paintings are awe-inspiring! So much emotion is felt , and I absolutely enjoyed this poem. Thanks for sharing.


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