Twinkles of Home..

Home is where we glow the brightest..

Twinkles of Home..

is where our hearts shine..

From mine to yours…♥

Colors a GlowThe day was unusually warm..

The night a slight chill..

Under the Moonlight….

Circle of LightsA Welcome Wreath is always…

Warming with it’s Doves of Peace…

Welcome ♥

Colorful FlowA Peaceful Reflection…

of lights aglow…

Find your favorite…

While you watch them Twinkle.. ♥

6 thoughts on “Twinkles of Home..

      1. Oh, Tonya. I could honestly kiss you right now. You don’t know how discouraged I was sitting here just now. The “doubt monkey” came tiptoeing in, bumping my backbone. I feel I have so much more to learn about photography, and seem to have gotten into a slump with my writing……

        I really thank you from the bottom of my Heart. I pour my Soul into what I do. Every day. I think of ways to inspire, to encourage, to “be an example”, to make others laugh and to think……

        GOD bless YOU for your encouraging words to me. God’s time is always Perfect, isn’t it?

        I Love you! Amy

        1. I call it a creative break when things don’t seem to want to line up with my art or photography….waiting for those moments to be you said…on Gods Time♥
          We bloom in the moment of our creations…

          Pushing out our expressive inspirations don’t always work to well…I like you want to always inspire….Shine my light..on..and ON…
          I forget to remember a break is ok..this is our soul telling us to ride in the flow for a moment…take in what we have already shared and experienced..To remember the beauty in all things we have created which is our God like self…
          He is a creator and him..Create…
          BEAUTIFUL ♥

          Take your breaks right along with your busy…Balance them out and ride in the flow…
          GOD Bless YOU,AMY♥
          Love Tonya

  1. I am indeed blessed to be a part of a wonderful growing family, that inspires me, has taken me in and made me feel most welcome more than any site I have visited….♥
    Thank You…XOXO

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