Lights Within~

Lights within…


Give peace to those..

who enter & stay awhile ♥

Precious Pink n White Lady


Shimmery Bows


Simplistic Delights

~♥~Peaceful Pink

~♥~Natures Presence

~♥~Guardian Angel

~♥~Carolers a Singing

~♥~Moonlit MangerPeace full of Color..

We adore thee…

join us as we pray…

for Love & warmth..

For you and for me…

Today and Always…♥

Colorful Santa atop


~♥~Mantel Friends

May Peace Always find you…


Love Always Fill Your Heart…♥

Love, Tonya

3 thoughts on “Lights Within~

  1. I honestly have tears in my eyes. I am not able to put up decorations due to my cats. Christmas used to be my favorite time of year and not to have the festive lights and the bows and ribbons and the nick nacks…….it hurts. Your pictures gave me a taste of what my Christmases used to be. Thank you, Tonya, from the bottom of my Heart. (((HUGS)))

    1. I hope tears of joy and the memories of Christmas past fill your heart..May you hold them dear and have a “Knowing” that you are a Healing Miracle for your beloved felines…

      This is my biggest decor Christmas ever in our new home for this I am Grateful ♥
      It sure entails a lot of work but is my Favorite as it is yours♥

      You have blessed us all with beauty and inspiration already so much for this Holiday…..I know that I am full of Spirit within my heart from all that you share…♥


  2. Hi there, I am nominating you for a “Sisterhood of the World” Bloggers’ Award on WordPress. I want you to know I love all of your posts and and also your lovely comments on my blog. My acceptance for the award will post in about an hours time. I’m not worried whether you accept or not I just want you to know I appreciate all your hard work. Cheers,

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