The word “Negative” generally doesn’t fit into my vocabulary. Today is going to be a different story for the use of that word.


The test came back “NEGATIVE” Which in my case is a HUGE relief for myself and my family to. 

For the last week in a half  I had the knowledge of a irregular mammogram, which meant more pictures. Ughh… the Squeeze!! That wasn’t good enough! Which also meant the scary word.. “BIOPSY”. Not just one but three they wanted!! Because I had “Microcalcifications” not the Macro kind! There is a difference that I found out through research. Yes we all research the unknown. 


If you have “Macrocalcifications” they look different enough and need no further or in depth testing. That is not the case for the Micro~ (These are not caused by what you eat or drink)These are tiny cells that can only be seen by an x ray even after biopsy.


Oh yeah, “biopsy” if given a choice I have only by the grace of God experienced the needle this past Friday.(3x’s) You are awake, uncomfortable and the only senses you truly use are feel,sound, smell and (some) sight. As I lay there I saw Flower Pictures on the wall and heard meditative music. Those were the only pretty things in a room I hope never to enter again.


My mother described the other option, surgery! When you are actually put under with a longer healing time. Either way, the process of it is very painful, discomforting, discontenting and can rattle ones nerves.


My conclusion to all of this is that we are to experience things in our lives that we cannot explain at the moment. Though I have had just a small taste of what women/men go through far after the point I  had reached. This has given me more compassion and empathy for those who struggle to heal each day. The ones that are fighting to survive as the world searches for the cure.


I, in my heart am to be grateful for what has bestowed me, to find it’s purpose, share this message and pray that it helps others in the way they need it♥


Though I may not be fully healed in this present moment. I Am healing and as I do send out healing, loving light to those of you who are in need! As I heal we heal and so it is ♥


8 thoughts on “It’s~Negative

  1. Oh, Tonya! I am SO relieved for your sake! If I had a choice I wouldn’t even be near medicine. In any way. Yet, this body has given me challenges and so I go into a field where I see so much “wrong”. And this coming from an RN.

    BIG HUGS, FRIEND! YAY for the word negative!!

    1. I agree ,Amy!
      I have become a Reiki Practitioner as of late and wish to help those in need to heal from within so that they can stay home instead of the doctors office..
      My purpose is to heal, and this I wish to do in any manner I can….
      Another synchronicity between us “healers”

      Love and Hugs and Gratitude to you my Friend ♥

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